Do It Yourself Ideas

As you have seen, some items that might have been passed over with little notice, other treasure hunters have turned into beautiful and bold statements of style, design and personality. Below are  links to help you transform yourself and your home into something brilliantly unique.


DIY Design with Thriftstore Finds

You don't think we could give you DIY finds without including a Pinterest link, do you?

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Must. Have. Junk.

"I’m Donna, and my passion is creating cool and unusual home decor items for my home out of junk! So I’m going to be sharing my secrets on how I do that today, along with a brand new project!

" Funky Junk Donna -

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Decorating with Thriftstore Finds

"The thrill of the hunt – the hunt for decorating treasures that cost only dollars.    

The treasures that you can find and transform in your own style by shopping thrift stores, yard sales, and church basement sales gets me excited." - Diane Henkler,