Designed from Scratch(es)

It is amazing what the cost of a "distressed" looking dresser will cost you to purchase. How great would it be to make your own? Below you will find ideas on how to create amazing living spaces by knowing what you're shopping for at your local thrift store - of course, we think you will find your treasure at one of our stores in Monterey County... but we might be biased.


Best Design Blogs

"Whether they're just starting out or running up on the better part of a decade, there are a number of blogs which have been continuously inspiring us, year after year." Anna Kocharian,

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Turning a House Into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget

"If I were a billionaire, I’d still shop second-hand.

Finding unique, storied, beautiful items for our home second-hand, is not just a necessity because I like to save money, it’s a fun treasure hunt for hidden beauty all over my town." -


6 Things You Should Throw Out Immediately

"If you’re not ready for a spring cleaning overhaul (because really, who is?), don’t worry. Take a peek at some of the easy ways to declutter your space and get rid of the items you no longer need." - Rachel Besser,